I don't think the RINO is an endangered species JD, there are plenty roaming the DC savannah. McCarthy just happens to be the one who pulled off his republican mask so he could go play with his dem friends.

I am no longer a Rep, as it has become clear that they are all (with few exception) self serving politicians...the same as the dems. The ones who are true conservative republicans, are doing a commendable job wading through a swam,p that has been percolating since the late 1700's.

We need to support them, how we can.

But at the end of the day, they too are politicians and the swamp water will soak through their waders, one compromise at a time.

Be wary of any one or anything in DC.

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Nothing says, "There is hope for America," more than seeing Kevin McCarthy posturing as the Republican Speaker of the House and rubbing his elbows with that classy guy, Hunter Biden. But let's not forget filling our gullets on butter-poached Maine lobster & beef with shallot marmalade. Definitely, there is hope for some while the rest of us will eventually be denied a hotdog that is not produced in the "cricket-paste pseudo-food plant." Mmmmm, was it good Kevin? I hope so, you're trading your soul for that dinner.

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Rep Geatz , I am with you , u know mccarthy cannot not attend such a function. I agree rinos must go , Freedom party must continue gaining in numbers till we can rescue USA from communist demonKKKratz & castrated rino steerz....

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