Corbyn is fantastic, in his displayed humor, over the "climate change" truthers.

He strikes me as a person who says, believe whatever you want...you and I know your purpose selling panic for money...I could care less, I know what I know and will call you out, if asked.

It reminds me of those of us, who didn't get the jab. Do what you want, get the 10th booster and spread the propaganda...I could give two rat turds...I know what I know and won't buy into your money making, sheeple mania...but good luck with that.

The modern environmentalist movement has been around for 60 years or so and is going no where soon. It's a money maker and vote taker for the left, as is racial conflict and now the broad spectrum of gender issues...how many really saw and understood the dynamic plan, behind expanding the sexual revolution beyond just men vs women?

The left most certainly did.

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Could not find the video until I clicked on your substack link to leave you the message that you forgot to include the video.

I am about to give up going to your news stories or any thing associated with you. Too difficult to find and read more than the first paragraph.

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