Truepatriot nails it. We are being played. How many subpoenas are now out there and no one seems to be getting called up in front of congress to Testify!??

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None of that eve matters, there are mountains of evidence laying around everywhere, yet the deep state speaker says there's not enough evidence to impeach, but we will keep investigating, how nice. Another never ending investigation that goes nowhere, yet somehow they kicked out ol George in record time, and he's never been convicted of anything. Compare that to the fire alarm pulling twit, he had to write an essay, like a jr. high schooler, and he was guilty.

The dems aren't worried. It seems the GOP is intentionally firebombing their own party. They made sure the left won big in this years elections by doing nothing. Now they decide to expel one of their own to slim down their majority. With some special elections coming up, it's possible the GOP will lose power even before the next rigged national election.

The dems know they have nothing to fear, and so they keep on committing criminal acts, and acts of treason. They know there will be no Trump win in 2024, the fix is in.

So, all of this theater is just a distraction, it's not real, and the GOP is not a real political party. When will the public realize they been played for fools for decades? The GOP is here to create the illusion that there is some kind of two party system, there isn't. That's why I'm a lifelong independent.

People should be kicking the GOP to the curb.

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Now, IF we only had an honest and lawful DOJ/FBI.

Sadly, we don't.

Therefore, not much will be done by this corrupt Regime, for sure.

But remember please, just 11 months to go before we know the fate of our Nation.

Every living conservative simply must get out and vote. Our lives depend on doing so.

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