Need to put that woke kommie wetback salazar on the bus too, going to hell. FJB

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Isn't dirty and Democrat the same thing?

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Trump supporters are not that lucky.

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What really needs to be Done..... is Exactly as Stated!!!

Repubs play political "games" with democRats and NOTHING CHANGES. Scoring PR Points may be tangential but this is a CW in the current USSA.

We are RULED by a Feral COUP Government. Even Elections may be inadequate. Nov of 22 will tell which party controls what in DC, but then IF the Repubs take over parts of the Feral Legislature in Jan of 23, What ACTUALLY Happens???

And is the Economy too Far Gone Already??? And is the Feral Reserve Fiat Dollar worth saving??? 31 TRILLION in DEBT???

Debt Jubilee isn't so far fetched anymore. A Return to Constitutional Money is a "novel" idea!!!


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