Dan Crenshaw <dan.crenshaw@crenshawforcongress.com>


Mike Snyder

Tue, Jan 10 at 5:40 PM

Mr. Snyder,

Rep. Crenshaw had to leave early to attend a funeral for one of his closest Navy SEAL friends. He made sure that republicans would have enough votes to pass the legislation even in his absence. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks for reaching out and participating in our democratic process.


Team Crenshaw

This is the reply I received from the Crenshaw Team when I wrote and asked about this missed vote.

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I oppose Crenshaw's NWO mindset and his anti-2nd amendment views, But I give him the benefit of the doubt, I would have done the same to attend the departure of a friend.

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Might have well said “Dog ate his homework” as none of believe stories anymore after decades of them.

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I know. I tried to point that out with my reference to FBI Wray and his catching the plane (owned by the government that flies on his schedule as we later found out). I wrote him again to say this was only the latest reason in a headline that makes me no longer support him.

If Crenshaw the Seal can do such things we are justified in expecting the same for all of them.

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He’s currently in the ICU with intense treatments of ButtSalve. It’s too late for his brain though, the jab might get have reprogrammed it too far.

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He craves attention; thinks he will get invited to all the political talk shows. Sorry I sent him a donation when he came on the scene. I’m a sucker for military guys.

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Liz Chaney told "Eyepatch" that the RNC will support anyone who will run under their banner no matter what they believe.

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