She is one of a handful, that can make a difference...and even give us a chance to get our country back. However, she (or the others) will not do it in Washington D.C.

It annoys me to no end, that conservative pundits and talking heads are so myopic, on this point.

Those fools, continue to push De Santis on whether he will run, will you challenge Trump, will you be his running partner, would you ask him to be yours...??? Nothing like picking that low hanging fruit for clicks and viewership.

Kari, Ron and others, have more power and are less encumbered , as State Governors, than anywhere else. They can speak as they want, they can protect their citizens under the blanket of Federalism, and they can provide a road map and example, for other governors to follow.

Additionally, they give any conservative politician the ability to propose legislation, based on the trends they are seeing in the individual states.

If you have a Lake or De Santis in your state, urge them to stay put. As soon as they vacate that Governorship they lose all the power they had AND the left will steal the seat. You can bet they have plans in place, if big Ron is foolish enough to run.

If I lived in her state, Kari would have my vote and volunteer time, to make sure she won.

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A true warrior and born leader.

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