It is my intention to be as brief as possible knowing that I may miss some important points in my attempt to communicate my thoughts concerning the topic of this article.

Most of my life I have been what I will call a realistic contrarian. By this I mean that I have questioned everything and judged every decision that I was to make by the standard of, "Is this rational, is this reasonable, is this realistic, is it moral." This was and is a starting point for determining if what is being expected of me, or demanded from me is that rational, reasonable, realistic and moral. But, of course, I am not inflexible and there are times, without question when one just does what he is told, expected to do. For example, in military service. The whole point here is, never just do a thing because someone has proclaimed they are your better and they will decide how you are to live your life.

History is absolutely congested with tales of people who have said, my freedom, my liberty is more important than my life and absolutely more important than your (a would-be tyrant's) egocentric, authoritarian, totalitarian plan to enslave myself, my people, my nation and all that it stands for. That is why wars of true importance have been fought throughout the history of mankind and why simple, common folk have armed themselves and battled tyrants and either died or destroyed the tyrant. I am talking about the simple truth of "Good" versus "Evil," which is the essence of the history of man.

Hopefully I am adequately making my point, and you, hopefully, have some knowledge of history and the struggles of mankind. If not, it may be too late for you to acquire that knowledge, or even the knowledge of just this nation and come to terms with what it truly means to live in a nation created by God the Father and the blessings, the gifts that he bestowed upon each of us.

Make no mistake, the tyrant is a beast nourished by the powers of hell and is the enemy of God. Without equivocation I will state that in my opinion, and no doubt others, Herr Klaus Schwabe is a demoniac nourished by the powers of hell and an enemy of God Our Father, the Creator of Heavan and Earth and all that dwells within it. The enemy of God is my enemy.

May no one be mistaken. This writer will treat any and all future attempts by Schwabe, the WEF, the NWO, et. al, and all who elect to be in servitude with them as I did the so-called Covid Pandemic. I will not comply. I will not join them in servitude for the sake of saving my life. For to comply is to surrender to Satan and as a Child of God, that I will not do. You, Schwabe, are my enemy and the enemy of mankind.

I surrendered to my Savior Jesus Christ the Son of God, decades ago and it is Him who I will serve. I encourage all who may read my words to decide on this very day whom you will serve. The wager that is in play is for your eternal soul and I pray that you make the correct decision. Amen.

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“Let me read between the lines for America. Biden’s Sept. 12, 2022, executive order declares that Americans must surrender all human rights that stand in the way of transhumanism. Clinical trial safety standards and informed consent will be eradicated as they stand in the way of universally unleashing gene-editing technologies needed to merge humans with A.I.[Artificial Intelligence]. In order to achieve the societal goals of the New World Order, crimes against humanity are not only legal, but mandatory.”[v]

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