The Ashkenazi Khazar Mafia that calls themselves "Jews", but who are the synagogue of Satan, are the ones who infiltrated capital hill long ago.

The problem with the whole "China narrative" is you can spot a "Chinese" a mile away. They can't exactly sneak into our government.

You can see them.

The Ashkenazi Khazar Jewish Mafia will even change their names (Chaim Goldberg? Nah...I'm David Smith!) to FOOL US into thinking they are WHITE.

Why would they need to change their names to appear white? Are we THAT much better than they are? Or is it THAT important for them to fool us?

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Thank you, Brits, for the heads up.

However, one must ask: where the heck is the grossly overpaid 17 American Intelligence Agencies tasked with spy stuff and our defense?

Why is it that we often learn about critical enemy behavior from other, friendly nations that are ahead of our fat agencies?

Of course, Swalwell's behavior has been known for years. The fools in his District continued to vote the dummy into office.

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Why is it you think you're actually learning about critical enemy behavior?

Why isn't your first instinct when reading this to think critically and ask questions? Why is it "Thank you, Brits, for the heads up." Why isn't it "How can we be sure this is even real? Who wrote this? What's their agenda?"

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u r m.o.r.o.n. y menso.

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So...you don't think critically because you're a moron. I mean, ok.

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