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I almost snorted my coffee with some of the tweet responses to this clown.

For all the dems out there who say..."that's not the democrat party...when asked about antif/blm riots, the muslim activists in congress, genders surgery and hysterectomies' for adolescents, the championing of abortion murders, especially after birth, FJB (need I say more) and a host of other things...THIS IS YOUR PARTY...and you lost it, by not standing and calling out the ass clowns that infiltrated it, when you saw them do things like this.

The silence form deafening, from the old school...crickets...or is it Nancy opening the door to her subzero ice cream treasure chest??? You dems deserved to lose your party, for being simps and frightened sheeple.

Hail beto, long live the great white Latinx!!

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